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The new R-410 regulator has all the performance and style that a diver needs. The R4 first stage utilised the well proven balanced diaphragm design to satisfy even the most demanding diver. Along with our award winning second stage, this combination is unbeatable.

R4 First stage features:
• New balanced diaphragm design with outstanding flow characteristics. The intermediate pressure drop is kept to a minimum even with heavy flow demand.
• 2 fixed high pressure ports and 4 angled low pressure ports for better hose routing.
• R-4 is capable of keeping intermediate pressure steady and remains virtually unaffected by depth or remnant tank pressure.
• Available in 232BAR yoke or 300 BAR DIN connector.

First stage All Condition kit:
• All Condition environmental seal (on R-410/N) protects the first stage's main spring from slit, harmful contaminant and especially the extreme cold.
• Air is the medium used in All Condition environmental seal as it is the best insulator; the sensitivity of the regulator, however, is not affected with IST's direct pressure actuation design.

O-10 Second stage features:
• Pneumatically balanced second stage with stainless rocker arm to give efficient air deliver on demand
• Long curvature exhaust tee guides exhalation bubbles away from the diver's field of vision
• The flow adjustment knob can be tuned to meet any gas flow demand at any time during a dive
• The special air foil atop the casing is intended to provide smooth air supply ("+" position) or to help the diver to conserve air ("-" position) by physically encouraging long and slow breathing
• Equipped with MP5 mouthpiece - its special shape and long biting tabs significantly lessen jaw fatigue during a dive
• Built-in heat exchanger
• Light purging action

• Equipped with NEW energy-saving hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece with long tabs spreading the biting force more evenly!

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